21 Jul 2017

Our last day in year 3

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So hey guys it’s me joe back with a blog post again and this one is going to be good. So remember when I blogged about Mrs Marsh leaving well that was a long time ago now it’s Friday the last day of this school YEAR!!! So we are now with Miss Brown who is are new teacher and she’s nice and we’ve had her for about 14 weeks and our class has done a lot of stuff in them like 14 or 15 weeks I don’t now how long but today we are going to do a lot of SUPER MEGA FUN STUFF!!! So right now every body is watching smurfs two on the whiteboard and some people are playing board games on the tables and I am on a computer in the corner of the class room and it is really warm as well and if your in a different country it might not be the same weather for you but you can still have fun. So really that’s it so bye. 🙂

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  1. dbrowne Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed being your teacher, have a fantastic holiday, and I hope you work just as hard next year as you did for me this term.

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